Oishi is a duo project with Renshang since 2022, using both hardware and software electronics to resample different kinds of materials, now mainly focus on decomposition and reorganization. Oishi comes from the snacks brand shanghaojia(oishi), which is also the combination of both our names. For us, resampling music is very similar to cooking, so we have divided our work into four different mixes according to the logic of cooking: raw, medi, over and special. Different degrees of mix correspond to how much we decompose/reconstruct the original music.

Oishi 是一个我和任上自2022年开始的二重奏组合,目前主要专注于解构和重组,通过硬件和软件的电子乐器来重新采样不同种类的音乐。Oishi的名字来自于零食品牌上好佳,而这恰好是我们名字的组合体。对我们来说,重新采样音乐和做饭非常相似,所以我们也把作品按照做饭的逻辑分为了四种不同的mix: raw, medi, over和speical。四种mix对应着我们解构/覆盖原本音乐的程度。

Live recording at Spanners, 09​.​03​.​23, 20

Recorded by the Spanners admins Tobias, special thanks to roise, mary, tobias, and disco elysuim

released April 23, 2023

录制于Spanners,特别感谢roise, mary, tobias 和极乐迪斯科


ale…plane, 2023

”Having left the mountain of their previous record *once upon a time there was a mountain* (bezirk, 2023) behind, the China/London duo Oishi continue assigning signified to signifier on the first official release on nagrania records. As evocative as an EAI record can get, *ale… plane* feels like a Very Special Episode of a 1990s sitcom: right from its opening track, where it lures you into a state of supposed light-hearted mischief and then delivers a thoroughly medium-inappropriate display of high-octane Truth. While warped to the point of absolute syntheticity in comparison to Oishi’s previous work, the thrums and whirs of *ale… plane* feel fully indebted to Hao and Shang’s field recording pedigree, reading almost like Messiaen’s transcriptions of environmental sound—the barn, the woods, the road, the plains, the empty house. You are eight years old and listen to its inner workings and experience a profoundness you’ve never felt before. As your Fortnite-centered cognition swings back into place, the world extends its arms and chiptune whimsy is stopped dead in its tracks by its grotesque warbled show of force. As is the case in life…“

(text by co-label runner of nagrania records – Lorelai B Woch)

A side:
Zheng Hao: laptop, electronics, gameboy
Ren Shang: laptop, ipad

B side:
eating, drinking, packing (audio processed/generated by software written in Max/MSP, Python )

Recorded 24/02/23 Mixed and Mastered 25/2/23

Released April 7, 2023

once upon a time there was a mountain, 2023

If a mountain has two sides, then either side of the mountain can be the front, the back, or “one of the sides” – a side. Therefore the mountain’s sound can be heard going up, but also going down.

A: a side
Zheng Hao: laptop
Ren Shang: cassette player

B: a side
Ren Shang: laptop
Zheng Hao: cassette player

Recorded 23/11/22 Mastered 01/12/22

Released March 24, 2023


A: 一面
郑好: 笔记本电脑
任上: 磁带机

B: 一面
任上: 笔记本电脑
郑好: 磁带机

录制于 23/11/22 母带 01/12/22


Oishi at whitstable Biennale, 2022

Whitstable Biennale (Satellite Programme) 2022 wireless headphone concert curated and facilitated by Marcus Leadley and David Rogers

Recorded by David Rogers
Mastered by Marcus Leadley

Released August 11, 2022

惠特堡2022双年展沿海无线耳机演出由 Marcus Leadley 和 David Rogers组织与策划

录音:David Rogers 母带:Marcus Leadley


Untitled, 2022

We overmixed ourselves. Released May 7, 2022

Mozart: Die Zauberflöte & Patti Smith: Land – Medi Mix, 2022

Mozart mix together with Patti Smith. Released March 9, 2022

At Home With Screamin’Jay Hawkins – Raw Mix, 2022

Screamin’Jay Hawkins Raw mix. Released March 2, 2022