9 Feb: One way of playing the piano: Slowly help it up from the floor.

3 Jan: The table lamp consumes but does not carry anything, it’s the sofa that carries.


31 Dec: Sit facing the corridor is a technical task, because you can hardly grasp from when to start smiling towards the oncoming people.

25 Dec: The sensitivity of the key: can’t be too cold or too hot, too dry or wet, it needs the right temperature and humidity.

11 Dec: Frost is about contouring and making you aware of your shape.

3 Nov: The disappearance of the trail: you changed your username.

02.09: 演奏钢琴的方式之一:把一架钢琴慢慢从地上扶起来。

01.03: 台灯消耗而不承载任何东西,沙发才承载。

12.31: 正对走廊而坐是一件技术活,因为你很难把握从什么时候开始朝迎面而来的人微笑。


12.11 : 霜降是关于轮廓,让你意识到自己的形状。